Hail The Glorious Leader – Stephen L’il Dong

When they bomb us it’s terrorism. When we bomb them it’s defending our way of life.

Our glorious leader, Stephen L’il Dong, and his merry band of Co(mmunist)nservative misfits have decided that as long as they are in Ottawa they might as well make some laws. Not that there is a need for more laws, but they need to continually pummel the Canadian public into mindless submission to the authority of the state. Keep us dumb and keep us afraid.

The particular bill before Parliament that has caught my attention is one that makes it a crime to “take part in or encourage a terrorist act.”

The problem, as with many laws like this, is that much depends on the interpretation of what constitutes a terrorist act and/or encouragement of a terrorist act.

Does it mean that Ottawa alone gets to determine which groups are terrorist and which aren’t? Because they did this in America and while the government was giving aid to “anti-government” groups in Syria those same groups were on the government’s list of terrorist groups that American’s were forbidden by law to support. Did Obama go to jail? I don’t think so but they charged some lady with aiding terrorists because she donated money to a charity that she had no idea had links to a banned group. Rip out her fingernails. Put her on the rack. Waterboard the traitorous bitch.

Terrorism is such a broad definition. The classic idiom being, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Since when does Ottawa get off telling the rest of us what we can think and who we can support?

There are many people, millions in fact, who believe that the United States and Israel are the biggest terrorists on the planet. Based on those beliefs the entire government should be put in jail for giving support to those countries. You don’t agree? Think about it. The United States decided, after 9/11, to invade Afghanistan because they were believed to be harbouring bin Laden. Then they went off the reservation and made the decision to invade Iraq even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, never threatened the United States nor had they committed any act of aggression against the U.S. It was proven later that the whole “weapons of mass destruction” was a false argument from the beginning, George Bush even joking about it at a Media Gala. Joking. Making jokes. About an occupation that resulted in the deaths of over 1 million Iraqi’s. 400,000 of them being children. Who’s the fucking terrorist here?

But no doubt the government has a list of groups that it deems worthy of the title terrorist. And doubtless it falls in line with that of our master’s the American’s. Stephen L’il Dong spends so much time kissing American ass it’s a wonder he has time for anything else.

While our imperious leader is lecturing the little people on how they should think and act, he’s out helping the Americans and Europeans overthrow governments of sovereign countries, even duly elected governments like Ukraine, and installing puppet regimes. Holy U.S.S.R. Batman!

Or how about when we aided the Americans when they tried to overthrow the Syrian government, going so far as to condemn the Assad regime of using chemical weapons on their own people before the facts were in, only to find out later that it was the very groups that they were supporting to overthrow Assad that used them. In’t that a bitch.

Could that not be considered encouraging an act of terrorism if not a deliberate and covert act of war against Syria? Who’s condemning you Stephen L’il Dong?

Maybe we should all get rice bowl haircuts? Or get up at 7:00 am to do our morning exercises while singing the praises of our glorious leader? Should we be forced by government edict to keep a picture of the leader in our homes with specific dimensions and in a certain place? Should we be threatened with imprisonment if we don’t comply?

We already have laws against sedition on the books L’il Dong. And since terrorism is an act of intimidation often involving violence causing injury, death or destruction of property, we have laws against that as well.

And if you want to talk about terrorism how about the Canada Revenue Agency hounding people for not letting them steal enough of our money. Or C.S.I.S. monitoring our computers, phones and God knows what else? Or the out-of-control police beating the shit out of innocent protesters exercising their rights?

What? You don’t think those are examples of terrorism? That’s my whole point. Because terrorism is about intimidation, and living in constant fear of the CRA taking away your car or your home or garnisheeing your wages is intimidation. Being afraid of saying or writing the wrong thing because some Intelligence Agency computer might be monitoring you and take what you said the wrong way is intimidation. And being afraid to exercise your constitutional rights because some jar head police goon might try out his new night stick on your cranium is intimidation.

To some people those are types of terrorism.

So Stephen L’il Dong, why don’t you and your fellow authoritarian loving minions, stop trying to get everyone aboard the fear bandwagon so you can create an ever increasing surveillance police state so we don’t look to closely at the fact that you want us to bow down and cheer about getting thousands of shitty minimum wage jobs to replace the 100,000’s of well paying manufacturing jobs that you gave away because the oil patch was giving you a Monica Lewinski.

It could be argued that the dropping of the atomic bomb on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an act of terror.