President Trump?

For all those who are getting worked up about Donald Trump this is not going to make your day.

the donald
The Donald

Donald Trump could very well be the next President of the United States. According to Stony Brook University professor Helmut Norpoth, he wins against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hands down. This depends of course on the Donald winning the Republican nomination, however according to most pundits unless something drastic happens before March 15th to slow him down that is exactly what is going to transpire.

The professor claims that his model is about 96% accurate for predicting presidential winners since 1912. The only glitch was the 1962 election between Kennedy and Nixon.

gopIt seems that if President Donald Trump is to be avoided it’s going to have to happen in the Republican primaries, which creates an interesting dilemma for the GOP. Do you gang up on Trump and take a chance on losing the White House with Cruz or Rubio or do you get behind  Trump win the White House and feel dirty for 4 years?


Don’t get mad at me I’m just the messenger.

Professor predicts Trump Presidency