I am a 53 year old factory worker with a family, (grown now), and although I have not been to college of university, I consider myself relatively well read and intelligent. I love to argue and tend to get quite excitable when involved in intellectual sparring.

I have been searching for my voice. (No, not that voice). The voice I wish to use in my blog. With so many things to talk about how can I do so in a way that reflects me? In other words which part of me should I explore. (Calm down this is a family blog).

I am not the most positive person in the world and never having been very popular or good looking or super talented or . . . I told you I wasn’t very positive. I have a rather good sense of humour but that works best in a verbal setting. Writing funny is not easy. However, I would like to try to develop a satirical style to offset the weight of my posts. This is not to say that I am the deepest thinker in the pool, but I try. (There is an obvious Yoda line to be inserted here but I will resist.)

So that is how I will proceed. Most of my posts will be about serious things but if I flex my satirical muscles I’m sure I can throw in something to ease the mood.

Someone once told me that humour is the juxtaposition of the incongruent. But he wasn’t very funny.