Leo Says Snow Melting In Spring Is Proof Of Climate Change

So Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar as best male lead for the movie The Revenant. Congratulations Leo! And that acceptance speech? Just incredible. Taking time to thank those that helped you during your career . . . I’m sorry, what was that? Climate change? You’re talking about climate change? What? It was so warm last year that you had to go to the southern tip of the planet to find snow to finish the film? Oh that’s just terrible.

You could see the passion and concern on your face as you told those watching you that you could personally attest to the truth of climate change. What emotion; what impact. You can just feel people welling up with dread, hugging their children close to protect them from the impending doom. “Save us Leo! Save us!”

By the way Leo, where were you filming? Calgary? Oh, I live in Canada. Not in Alberta, but I don’t remember last winter being that warm and I know that here in Ontario we got a lot of snow so I decided to check out when The Revenant was filmed, and you know what? Principal photography started in October 2014 but due to delays, short days in the winter and crew conflicts the shoot wasn’t finished until August.

So you finished in Argentina in August and moved your crew down there in July. In an interview with the director he was complaining about having to deal with ridiculously cold temperatures in Canada for about nine months and then at the site of the last few scenes to be filmed he said he experienced global warming because the snow just “melted before our eyes.”

That would be June. Are you people delirious? It’s called SPRING!!! Only someone who has never experienced spring in a snowy climate would claim that fast melting snow is a sign of global warming. Snow melts wicked fast when temperatures are above 0C especially if it’s a clear day. In June the average daily maximum in Calgary is 20C. I would be amazed if there was any snow at all, (although in climate change Calgary they got a big snowfall in August while you were in Argentina), but even more amazed if it wasn’t melting before your eyes. Same with April and May who’s average daytime maximums are 11C and 16C respectively. In fact weather stats since 1971 show that from April – September the amount of snow on the ground a the end of each month is 0. 

And then you stand up in front of maybe 34 million Americans, many who believe that the livable parts of Canada have snow 365 days of the year and tell them that the polluters and big corporations are lying to them because you know that climate change is a fact because  you saw snow melting in spring in Canada.

Oh and do you know why you had to go south to find snow? Cause in August IT’S WINTER DOWN THERE!!!

Bravo Leo. Bravo.