OP(iu)M – Other People’s Money


Don’t you love paying taxes? If we didn’t pay taxes what would we do with all our money? Probably spend it on frivolous things like food and clothing and shelter.

Our governments are only concerned about our best interests. They would never do something like cancelling a contract resulting in over $1 billion in cancellation costs in order to win 4 bi-elections. Or spend hundreds of millions of dollars on something called e-Health and then just scrap it with nothing to show for it.

nixonNo sir. They wouldn’t do that. We can trust them. They wouldn’t lie to us.

They raise taxes for our own good. Like when Dalton McGuinty, (past Premiere of Ontario), dalton mcguintyintroduced the health tax. People complained about the money being put into general revenues and not a dedicated account so spending could be accounted for. But why? Surely they wouldn’t raise taxes for health care and then spend the money on something else. What do we think these people are, criminals?

wynneNow our new Premiere, Kathleen Wynne, is trying to figure out to cut our burgeoning budget deficit and are we in luck. This woman has never met a tax she didn’t like! She loves to raise taxes and I love to pay them. Could this get any better?

But there are all these killjoys who keep harping that the government should curtail its spending before they think about increasing our taxes. Where’s the fun in that? Think about all the special interest groups that would have to come up with their own funding. Or the able bodied people on welfare that would have to find a job. Think of the grief they would have to endure if they were forced to earn a living. You can’t just go from sponge to productive member of society just like that. What are you trying to do, kill these people? I’m sure Jerry Springer would have something to say about that!jerry springer

Come on all you hard working people. Who’s going to pick up the slack if not us? We’ve been paying taxes all of our lives. We are used to programs being cut that were implemented to help working people in need. We are well acquainted with the government lackey’s at the unemployment, sorry employment office, telling us the day after we get laid off that we must immediately look for gainful employment. We’re used to being screwed over. We can take it.

reebokPeople on welfare either don’t have the time or the means to look for work. After all, once you buy the cases of beer and the cartons of cigarettes, buy food for the dogs, pay for the premium cable package and the high speed internet who has time to look for a job? Sure their kids are running around in Nike’s and Reebok’s while your’s are wearing discount shoes from the Factory Shoe outlet but she had those four kids from four different loser’s, I mean father’s. You don’t expect them to pony up do you?

Responsibility is for suckers. Secretly we’re just mad because we don’t have the spineless audacity to be leeches on the ass of society. Don’t get me wrong. There are many worthy recipients on the government dole but these have taken it to level of art. They have no fear of getting caught because jail is just another form of welfare but without the name brand clothing.

They are the anti-entrepeneur and if our society has any hope of surviving we must give more than they suck out. So embrace taxes. Love taxes. Contact your MPP and suggest more ways to pay taxes. If we don’t take care of those from the shallow end of the gene pool then who will?

And remember. A day without taxes is like a day without sunshine.