Shall We Post?

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To post or not to post this is the question. Or more to the point, how often should one post?

If I decide to post every day for a year that would be an ambitious goal but would it be realistic? As it is I have difficulty posting once a week, but that being said I have never set a concrete goal of posting with any frequency.

I have heard that it is important to post regularly at fixed times to give a continuity to your blog. People will know when to expect a post so they will be more likely to read them. Much in the same way that a weekly newspaper will publish on the same day of the week so there is an expectation. People won’t be looking for it on Monday if you always publish on Friday so to publish on Monday would be counter-productive.

So if my goal is to post more often then my goal has to be attainable but it also has to stretch me. It should be high enough that even if I fall short it would be more than accomplishing a lesser goal.

I think . . . therefore I am. No, wait. Sorry, I had a brain fart. I think I will try to post Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This will definitely stretch me but I don’t think it will be beyond my reach. Some posts may be short but I will try to post something.

If failure is not an option, then why bother trying?


3 thoughts on “Shall We Post?”

  1. I think it all depends on the type of blog one has. The more serious or thought provoking blogs take time to think through AND to write. Posting one of those every day or two is hard to keep up with as a writer.

    I have noticed that those who post every single day or 5 times per week are usually writing shorter pieces. One of my favorite blogs is, and he writes every week or two or three. Every time I see one of his articles in my feed, I make sure I read it. Her makes me think!

    Just found your blog, and I just hit the “follow” button!


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