The Sun Is Driving The Climate – Who Knew?

The climate models used to arrive at the conclusions reached by the International Panel on Climate Change have proven to be not only wrong but embarrassingly wrong.

This is because the basic fallacy in making the models is that climate is being driven by CO2 increase. Accordingly their predictions were that the earth would continually heat up causing the melting of the polar ice and the Greenland ice sheets by 2014.

What has actually happened, and was not even remotely predicted by the global warming models, is the earth has not had any temperature increases for over 10 years and has actually cooled for some while the ice sheets are larger than before.

But how could this be? Is there anyone who correctly predicted these things?

Yes. Yes there are.

You see there are a group of SCIENTISTS who believe in working with known physics and actual data, (not fudged figures), who understood that climate is always changing and that the prime factor in the warming and cooling of the planet is . . . WAIT FOR IT . . . the sun.

They took the radical steps of looking at global temperature fluctuations in relation to the well known phenomenon known as sunspot activity. And do you know what they found? They found that when there was a very active sunspot cycle the earth warmed and when the sunspot activity decreased so did the temperatures on earth.

Amazing. The big yellow ball in the sky seems to have something to do with warming and cooling on our planet. Whooda thunk it?

This is particularly applicable right now because the people who have been looking at sunspot activity have been warning of coming years of incredibly cold  winters and cooler summers based on the fact that the present solar cycle has produced very few sunspots. And, remarkably, that is exactly what is happening.

Not surprisingly the climate models of the global warming fanatics never saw this cooling coming and missed it entirely. They are not even on the same page with reality and yet people around the world, people who should know better, just swallow this climate change pablum without question.

If the current climate debate has done anything it has pulled the mask off modern science and has shown it for what it has become. A religious movement with high priests, dogma and inquisitorial persecutions of anyone who challenges their pronouncements from their ivory towers.

In science, whenever someone says a matter is settled and beyond discussion, that is when questions need to be asked.