Ebola unproven treatments; what about vitamins?

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Ebola unproven treatments; how about vitamins?

by Jon Rappoport

August 15, 2014


Here’s the situation: the World Health Organization has decided to green-light unproven drugs and vaccines, to “stem the tide of Ebola.”

Who appointed them king?

This is the organization that lied a dozen different way to pump up the dud “epidemic,” Swine Flu, and colluded with pharmaceutical companies in the process.

If it’s suddenly all right to give patients experimental drugs, whose safety has never been established in humans—what about vitamins and minerals, whose track record of safety makes medical drugs look like high-dose cyanide?

As I’ve written, most of the people being diagnosed with Ebola have suffered for a long time under conditions of poverty, severe malnutrition, and absence of basic sanitation.

If drugs and vaccines are deemed “compassionate intervention,” how about moving patients, before they’re terminal, to a clean facility and gradually improving their nutrition?…

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