Not Retire? Not Likely!

Retirement. A nice word. A happy word. A scary word.retirement next exit

I’ll be 52 next year and will be eligible to retire from my current job after putting in 30 years of service. If that sounds like a long time it is. And isn’t.

As I was working time seemed to drag. 30 years seemed like an eternity away and many times it was a tough slog to keep getting up and going to a job which I did not exactly love.

sitting on a beach2However, from my perspective now, 30 years has gone by in a flash. Kids are grown, nice house, nice car and since everyone I work with has aged with me it seems like just yesterday when I started and although the plant has changed I can still remember the layout on my first day.

But 30 years in one place is enough. I have to say that I am looking forward to retiring. Not getting up to be at work for 7 am is going to be a nice experience. Especially since many times I have to get up much earlier to take the bus to work. But I am also apprehensive about retiring. There is a certain security and familiarity about having worked at one place for so long and although I will be getting paid for not working, it won’t be what I’m getting now.

This will call for a change in lifestyle to be sure but my wife has made it clear that just because I am retiring from this job doesn’t mean I will not be working. That’s ok. I always wanted to be a Wal-Mart greeter. As Walter would say, “Welcome to Wal-Mart. Get yer shit and get out.”

But it won’t be too bad. Maybe I can get my son to help me build a few decks or install some sitting on a beachfences. Get a job at Loews or Home Depot. I’d get a job at McD’s or A&W but I’d be a walking lunar eclipse in about 2 months. Oh well, I’ve got a little over a year to think about it.

A couple of guys have turned down their retirement package. I cannot fathom why. They are going to pay us to not come into work and give us going away money. For me it’s a no brainer. I’m looking forward to the challenges.