Pro-Choice On Abortion But Not On Conviction

Justin Trudeau, l’empereur dans l’attente, has flexed his dictatorial muscle as leader of the Liberal party of Canada by saying that he will strictly enforce the party’s pro-choice policy as regarding who will be allowed to be nominated and run for the party in a general election.

According to Trudeau, no one may receive the blessing of his anointed highness unless they agree to vote pro-choice on any motion in parliament regardless of their personal morality or that of their constituents.

While I have a real problem with this particular flaw in the party system, that of the leader being able to reject any candidates nomination for any reason he/she chooses, it might be easier to accept in this case if Monsieur Trudeau extended the conviction of the party to all instead of making an exception for sitting MP’s.

One can understand, perhaps, that the leader of the party is bound to enforce and abide by the party platform, however, to say that sitting MP’s are exempt is nothing but bold faced hypocrisy and political opportunism. He needs as many MP’s as possible in the house and if he insisted that they agree with the policy and they refuse he would be forced to boot them out of caucus, thus possibly forcing them into one of the other camps reducing their numbers in the house and forcing them to run a candidate against an already sitting MP in the next election.

This announcement is purely self-serving and even though, as a friend pointed out, all political leaders tend to be self-serving, it doesn’t help him when he is trying to set himself up as an outsider and different from the rest of the pack.

I was tempted to vote for young Trudeau before this announcement but I don’t see how I could bring myself to do so now. I have a feeling this will be true of a lot of people. The sad thing for the Liberals is that it is not likely to gain them many votes.

Time will tell.

How do you know a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving.