The Trans Pacific Partnership – Return Of The Robber Barons

If you are like most people you have never heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). In fact you are probably saying to yourself, “What the hell is the TPP?” (I’m just that good.)

Well I’m going to tell you what it is. No, there is too much. Le’me sum up (as Inigo Montoya would say). Actually nobody can tell you exactly and fully what it’s about because nobody has been able to see it. That is, no elected officials or any other member of the great unwashed have access to the documents. The only people that do, meaning the Corporations, bankers and the uber wealthy, know what’s in it because they wrote it, but they aren’t sharing with the other children.

No wait. Technically that last statement isn’t entirely true. Quite recently some lawmakers were allowed to look at the documents but they were not allowed to make notes, remove the documents to be read at their leisure or have their attorneys present to make sense of the titanic amount of legalese and obfuscation. In other words it was a big f*%& you.

Basically the TPP gives Corporations a mechanism to bypass any countries laws protecting it’s environment, resources or citizens. How you ask? Well this is where it gets both interesting and stroke inducing.

It seems that if a Corporation signs a deal that has certain projected profits and the country’s government tries to interfere in any way that would cause the Corporation to fall short of those expected profits, then that Corporation can take said government to an international tribunal to seek redress.

Not only is the compensation sought based on nebulous projections, which will no doubt be based on ideal conditions but the agreement places a foreign body in a position of superiority to the nations rightful government. And if you think that’s bad, who do you suppose appoints the members on this tribunal? You got it. The very Corporations, banks and billionaires who wrote the law in the first place.

In the same way that trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT made it impossible for governments to protect their industries from cheap labour and little to no taxation in third world countries, now the TPP will make it impossible to protect a their environments, workers or natural resources.

If we know this much about this trade agreement based on the little that has been leaked so far, how much more terrifying and devastating things are to be found within it’s pages if it is made law?

Contact your elected representatives and tell them we want nothing to do with this agreement that will give Corporations control of our government policies concerning our own countries.

The Capitalists say they are against wealth redistribution. What they mean is that they are against their wealth being redistributed to others who are less fortunate. The redistribution of the wealth of the less fortunate to them, however, is perfectly acceptable.

It’s not personal, it’s business. – The Godfather