The Intolerance Of The Tolerant

I = Intolerant
T = Tolerant

I: You don’t like my opinion?
T: No. You shouldn’t be able to say such things.
I: Why not?
T: Because it is hateful and intolerant.
I: But I never said it out of hate.
T: You don’t have to. Just disagreeing with me makes it hateful.
I: Even if I don’t have hate in my heart?
T: Yes.
I: But aren’t you being intolerant by saying I shouldn’t be able to have my opinion?
T: No.
I: How?
T: Because we shouldn’t have to tolerate your intolerance?
I: But isn’t that the definition of tolerance?
T: No.
I: So. Tolerance means agreeing with you?
T: Yes.
I: So doesn’t that make YOU intolerant for disagreeing with me.
T: No.
I: Why?
T: Because you are intolerant.
I: But . . . Never Mind.

Tolerance is not a virtue.


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