NaBloPoMo – Is Every Day Too Much?

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I understand that NaBloPoMo is intended to get people to write. I also understand that it’s a good place to start if you’re not planning on writing the next New York Times Best Seller any time soon. But as I have been doing this for 13 days now, (only messing up once when I published 5 mins after midnight), I must ask, “Is it a bit too much?”

The reason for asking was that yesterday I wrote about idiots ( a nice piece of work if I do say so myself). I was happy with the post and, as anyone who has written anything, I published it eager to see if anyone would read it and what the response would be.

But as time went on I had a nagging feeling that I had written something similar a few days ago so I checked the blog and – yes. I had published another post on idiots. Now it was a totally different slant, (idiocy provides almost unlimited possibilities for comment), but I realized that this was a pet peeve and I didn’t want to bore my audience of too much of the same. I also did not want to offend anybody as some of my readers may be related to or know idiots that they care about (someone has to).

So while it’s true that I may tend to go on about a subject or two that, at another time might have not repeated for 3 weeks instead of 1, that’s ok. That’s what a blog is about isn’t it? To write about what concerns or interests us? So if we are writing something everyday then there is bound to be some overlap. But I love the way the creative juices get flowing. You know you have a blog to write so you pay more attention to what goes on around you. Things that you thought about writing come back and you start to flesh it out and put it on the paper of your mind till you can make a hard copy.

I find I am liking the idea of writing every day and I am honing my skills and hopefully getting better. I find the deadline of midnight to be very motivating so when this month is over I plan on putting my blog posts on a schedule. Who knows? Maybe there is a novel in me.

“Writers write. Always.” Throw Mama from the Train