Just A Little PSA – Cuz Crazy Cares!

Ran across this series of vids of YouTube. They are about what to do regarding communication with the police. His basic advice? Never, never, ever talk to the police about anything, for any reason. Not if you’re guilty and especially if you’re innocent. (didn’t see that coming did you?)

He gives very compelling reasons why this should be your response to police inquiries and, while it is American, it applies up here as well. The police can ask you questions but they cannot compel you to answer.

The first three vids is the lawyers part of the presentation to a university law class while the fourth is the entire presentation with a police officers reasons for not talking to the police. His insights into the tricks they use to trap you will surprise you and probably scare you when you see how easy it is and why according to the officer, “You will lose.”

Listen, be enlightened and enjoy!

There are more people in jail today because of their inability to shut the hell up than any other reason.