Brains Optional

Sports. Most people understand this to mean a contest. Some skill used against an opponent which may consist of another team or an individual or something as simple as a timepiece. Some sports have judges which, in my view, is more difficult since an impartial judge in sport is almost as hard to find as an honest politician. Usually, but not exclusively, some sort of equipment is involved, either for the participation in the sport itself, (motor sports), or safety, (football, hockey).

There exists, however, a category of sport which attracts those with a violent, self-destructive, thrill seeking tendency and therefore has the potential of producing Darwinian outcomes. That is to say, thinning the herd. I refer of course to those endeavours called X-Treme Sports.

Now it’s not all X-Treme sports that are the problem. You have airborne acrobatics on a snowboard but they are wearing a parachute. It could be argued that skydiving is inherently dangerous and I would agree but should the parachute fail at least they know where you landed and don’t have to endanger other lives looking for the shattered lump that used to be you unlike those that like to rock climb without gear or mountain climbers who go above 10,000 feet without oxygen.

You should be more than free to do such things but as far as societies responsibility to you if something should go wrong, well, if I were in charge then hopefully your will is made out because you are out of luck. Nobody is going to waste their energy and possibly their lives to rescue some idiot adrenaline junky. Search and rescue teams have enough danger to worry about with normal folk who get into trouble and resources should not be wasted on you.

Then there is the guy in the video below who decided it would be fun to go down a narrow path from the top of a cliff with a sheer fall on either side. Talented? Sure. Retarded? Definitely. If he would have face planted into a boulder or fell of the side just leave him there and say next. If you can crawl your way to help all the power to ya, but if you can’t then look at the positive side. You won’t have to live with the shame of not winning the competition.

You may say, “But what if they have insurance? Who are you to say they can’t do it then?” Well their insurance better cover a helicopter and a rescue team cause I don’t think your All State agent is about to put on the gear and hike his ass up Mount F*#@-Me-Up to save you so why should anybody else? It’s bad enough that Rescue workers have died searching 1,000’s of acres of forest trying to rescue Tiffany, Barbie and Candi with an i, because they thought it would be fun to go hiking when the nearest they’ve ever been to nature is the local park so why should they come looking for you when you decided that, no, I’m not going down the side of the mountain with the ski trails, I’m going to turn around and go down the backside with boulders, ungroomed snow and any number of potentially life ending possibilities. Inevitably you see footage on the news of a group of skiers who are believed to have triggered an avalanche and are missing. Workers are desperately searching for the missing men while hope of success dwindles by the hour.

By the hour? If I were in charge you better damn well hope that global warming gets a move on because you are about to be a permanent part of the landscape. You either didn’t have enough brain matter to know any better or you don’t have the “That’s probably not a good idea” gene.

Natural selection has selected your sorry ass for an early exit. It’s for the best.

Stupid is as stupid does. Forest Gumps mamma



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