Go Big Or Go Home!

If you are an atheist then in a meaningless universe any world view that creates meaning is a delusion. It means that self-sacrifice is a pathetic joke. It means that caring about the poor, the weak and the oppressed is an amusing exercise in futility. As the sage said, “Vanity. . .all is vanity.”

Why? Because life has no value. It is a cosmic accident. So why would you waste the little time you have worrying about the happiness of others? Why would you give a damn about the poor or the weak or the sick? They’re just useless baggage.

Hurdle the weak – Trample the dead!

Stop being a hypocrite! Live what you believe. But you can’t. Because we were created in the image of a loving, merciful and moral being. That is why we care about our fellow man. That is why we strive to alleviate their suffering. That is why we sacrifice our comfort and lives for others.

Evil cannot offend, and in fact cannot exist in an amoral universe, so why should we care? Because life has value and meaning. Because we were created for a purpose. Because evil offends our creator.

At least our delusion is a big delusion and explains why we place value on life and why we are willing to sacrifice for others.

If you’re going to have a delusion – Go big or go home.