Christmas – I Can’t Deny The Magic

As a Christian I am fully aware of the true meaning of Christmas and it saddens me to see the increasing amount of commercialism and greed that has permeated the celebration. I think it reached an all time low when we started hearing traditional carols being used to sell merchandise.

But there is a magic about Christmas.

People are kinder and gentler at Christmas. People are more prone to think of others at Christmas, especially those less fortunate. “Because it is at Christmas time that want is most keenly felt and abundance rejoices!” It is the season of Tiny Tim’s simple yet powerful optimism and faith.

TT – I think I know who sent it.
Family – Who?
TT – Mister Scrooge.
Cratchet – What would possess Mr. Scrooge to take such leave of his senses?
TT – Christmas

Snow, Christmas trees, presents. Christmas carols, Christmas movies (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, The Bishop’s Wife, It’s a Wonderful Life), family and friends and food. And Santa. Yes Santa.

I loved Christmas as a child and I loved it as my children were growing up. The anticipation of the season. Putting up the lights. Cutting down the tree and taking it home to decorate. My wife would decorate the house and bake her heart out for the Christmas eve open house we had every year.

After everybody left we would put the kids to bed with the admonition that Santa wouldn’t come until they were asleep. Then we would wrap the remaining presents, put them under the tree and I would dutifully drink the milk and eat whatever treats were put out for Rudolph. Always leaving a little bit in the glass and on the plate.

We started a family tradition early on of opening the presents throughout the day and so our day was never spoiled with, “Is that all?” After the first year the kids loved it because they were still opening gifts well into the afternoon. Then we have a delicious dinner and then all too soon it’s over.

But as the country song says, “Don’t blink”. Time goes by and your children grow up and leave to have lives and families of their own.

I am grateful to God for my childhood Christmas memories and for the memories of Christmas with my family and I look forward to making new memories with my children and my grandchildren. But as I look back down Christmas memory lane with it’s blanket of new fallen snow on a blue Christmas night with the Christmas lights twinkling, I can’t help but thank God that, as far as Christmas is concerned, I never grew up.

And so let us part with the admonition of Tiny Tim.

“God bless us – everyone!”