I’ll Love You For Always….

A daughter is a weapon of mass destruction as far as a father is concerned. A daughter can drive you crazy. A daughter can make you smile. A daughter can break your heart. A daughter can make you weep like a baby. A daughter is like a 500 lb. sumo wrestler of emotion coming down on you from the top rope.

How is it that they have you wrapped around their finger from day one and KNOW it? How is it that they can say, “Daddy I love you”, and you, knowing that a request is coming, can’t say no? How is it that to avenge their tears we would be willing to go to prison? How is it that we can think of no punishment, no matter how violent or base, that would suffice for the man who violated our daughters?

We love our sons. We would die for our sons. But we would commit atrocities on the persons who would harm our daughters.

From the time that these angels are placed in our arms and look up at us for the first time, until the day we give them into the care of another, we fathers live in fear. We ask God to keep them safe and worry when they are outside our protection.  They look at us as their hero’s and their first love’s and we, knowing how inadequate we are, are shamed by such simple and yet profound trust and adoration.

There is nothing so moving as seeing a warrior brought to tears by the sight of his daughter running towards him yelling, “Daddy!” A son would provoke tears of pride but a daughter turns a man into a blubbering idiot.

I’m not sure exactly where this post came from but I think it might have to do with the fact that my youngest daughter is getting married next year. So I will end this post with one of my daughters favourite quotes from Robert Munch:

I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be.


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  1. Brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my own husband and little girl. Our sweet Audrey is only 2, but my how quickly these two years have passed. I savor and cherish every second with her, she is truly an answer to prayer.


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