Here They Come To Save The Day

Hollywood. The last bastion of morality. The apostle of decency. The protector of innocent children. Excuse me . . . (sounds of vomiting)

. . . Sorry about that. Even though I knew it was sarcasm I could barely finish that introduction. It is just sickening, after the shooting in Newtown CT, to see the level of hypocrisy oozing like slime from the cesspool that is Hollywood. ‘We have to do something to protect the children,’ they cry, while they churn out movies and television shows that depict all manner of immorality and sexual deviance, people going through marriages like they were Kleenex, and glorifying violence.

They characterize Christians as ignorant, racist, judgmental buffoons like Archie Bunker or Elmer Gantry. They mock Mayberry and sing the praises of Sodom. They tear down the foundations of rock and replace them with sand and then have the audacity to be outraged when the house begins to fall. Now after decades of destroying America from within they seek to further undermine her by pushing for the effective elimination of the very right that insures the others; the right to bear arms.That right that is the bane of every tyrant and is the first that is taken away before the elimination of all others. It is the reason Hitler did not invade Switzerland and the Japanese would have sued for peace rather than invade the U.S.

The hypocrisy of the ad was hard to stomach but when Sarah Silverman talked about no more shootings in houses of faith I almost punched my monitor. Sarah Silverman is one of the most irreverent,  blasphemous people in the entertainment industry. She seeks to kill the faith that built the nation and then decries the acts that are an inevitable result of her efforts.

Guns are not the problem, it is the unraveling of the moral fabric that is the problem. There is a saying that the fish rots from the head down. The “head” of America is rotten and reeks to heaven. Looking to Washington for answers is pointless as it has become so morally bankrupt it is remarkable that God has not destroyed it already. Politicians are bought and paid for. Financial systems that are bankrupt keep getting more and more public money while the average citizen’s savings are destroyed and his pension looted. Gangs taking over entire sections of bankrupt cities that cannot afford to hire enough police. Big business getting preferential treatment and exemptions from ridiculous and onerous regulations imposed by out of control bureaucrats who use said regulations to bankrupt small businesses like family farms. Laws passed by Congress that are written by the very companies that benefit from them.

God is calling to America to repent. 9/11 was a call to repent.  America didn’t listen.  The financial meltdown in 2008 was another call to repent. Again, America refused. Hollywood kept churning out the 35 mm prozac and kept telling everyone that everything was going to be fine. Lies. False prophets.

Hollywood doesn’t care about your children America. It has been, and is, doing all it can to destroy them so don’t be fooled by these crocodile tears over Sandy Hook. Remember, they are actors.