Obama cares?

Wasn’t that touching? President Obama giving a news conference expressing his and the nations grief at the terrible tragedy in Connecticut. The pauses. The tears. Fade to black. Cut, print, check the gate. Bravo. Oscar nomination in the bag.

Callous? I guess it depends on whether or not you believe that it’s only tragic when American children die. Obama stands there at the podium with his tears of grief while the blood of hundreds of Afghan and Pakistani children killed in drone strikes that he authorized drips from his hands. Where were his tears for them? Do their families grieve less? Is their loss any less tragic or are they just statistics?

One man kills 20 American children and he’s a crazed lunatic, vilified in the press and universally despised. The President of the United States kills thousands of children in countries that most Americans couldn’t find on a map and Jamie Foxx calls him, “Our lord and saviour Barak Obama”. Look at the great humanitarian. See how much he cares.

Anyone who thinks that Obama is not making political hay out of this situation is painfully naive. His former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is famous for saying, ‘You never want a good crisis to go to waste’ and regardless of which side of the gun debate you find yourself on it is well documented that Obama has pushed for gun control since he came into office. Just as George W. Bush jumped on the “second Pearl Harbor” of 9/11 to ram through the Neo-con manifesto, Project for the New American Century , the result being the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, this crisis has given Obama the political capital he needs to get his agenda passed and he’s not going to let it go to waste.

If he thinks he can get a ban through both houses of Congress he may choose to go that route and, with the NRA on the ropes with people who are for banning guns saying that the Chairman of the NRA should be shot, it may very well happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It is more likely that with the nation reeling in shock and outrage at this senseless act he will draft and sign an executive order banning assault rifles and, I’m sure, as many other categories as possible. Can you imagine being the Congressman or Senator picked to debate Obama in public on this? You might as well throw him/her to the lions.

There have been many mass shootings in the U.S. of late and public opinion for a gun ban has been steadily increasing but most of the victims have been adults. This is not to say that an adults death is not terrible but, except for a few cold-hearted bastards, the killing of children is just something that overwhelms our comprehension. The mind boggles. We stagger through an emotional fog asking ‘Why?’, but since no answer to that question could be justified, the rage builds. We must do something!

Cut to the press room in the White House. To the podium steps the man of peace, the man of hope and change himself, and with the blood of children on his hands he grabs the podium and begins to speak and somewhere in the world children are playing in their village as a drone approaches.


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