Be a good citizen! Reduce your electricity consumption! Or else!!

There is nothing more hypocritical than the government telling us that they want us to use less energy. Why? Because every time the government gets involved in something they inevitably mess it up.

Look at everywhere the government is not involved. Big screen tv’s, computers, appliances etc. In all these cases the prices of things are going down while at the same time the quality and capabilities are going up.

Now look at where the government is involved. Health care. In the United States government involvement in health care has created a situation where the average person hasn’t got a hope of getting treatment for a major medical problem unless they have insurance. The problem is that the new Obama health care act will require people to have insurance which will force the cost of insurance through the roof.

Government involvement in the housing market by keeping the interest rates artificially low caused a housing bubble which, in part, led to the collapse of the monetary system.

Now in Ontario we have smart meters on our houses. A seemingly benign piece of equipment but in reality it is truly an Orwellian contraption. Think about it. This meter can not only monitor how much electricity you use but when you use it. In other words it can be used not only to figure out your monthly bill but also your consumption patterns.

Now lets take this one step further. A police, or semi-police, state. (Watch YouTube footage of the G-20 and you will see that we are already on the way to becoming such a state.) In such a state the government with its belief in the man-made global warming conspiracy, could easily become very concerned with your usage patterns. They may decide to help you on your journey to minimum energy usage by turning off your power at certain times of the day when, they may feel, you should not be using as much.

And what if this nanny state government, totally embodied in the present government of that liar and supreme idiot Dalton McGinty, decides that you are using more than your share of energy? You could very well be labelled an enemy of the collective. Maybe instead of shutting down your power they impose a surcharge on your bill. Who are you going to complain to?

There was an article on CTV news today about a man who managed to get his electric bill down to $35/month. Wow! Sounds great right? Wrong! Think about it for a second. They are already complaining that we don’t pay enough for electricity to cover the cost of producing it.

Now if this were a normal company they could either raise the price of the product or try to get more people using the product or get the people using the product to use more or a combination of these. What they would not do is try to get people to use less of the product!!!! This would cause the demand for the product to dry up and the company would no longer be able to produce the product. Now the government would have to provide some electricity, for a while at least, so the result would be astronomically high prices per kilowatt. Exactly the opposite of a market economy.

This is exactly what our government wants. They are trying a great social experiment based on faulty climate change science. The government wants first of all to drive our usage down by charging higher rates at peak times and higher, but less than peak, prices for the rest of the time. This will force people to adjust their usage times and will cause greater usage on off-peak hours. The government will then raise the price because people have been using less electricity and when they do use it will be mostly off-peak hours. This will cause less usage but with the higher prices you will be paying the same.

This is a command economy and is also known as Communism.

The result will be a massive downsizing of our power grid because it will no longer be sustainable at the price that will be charged leading to a basic collapse of our present economy and standard of living. If you think that renewables will step in and replace the supply then you are in for a rude awakening. The price of renewables will be so expensive as to be untenable.

The poor will die off. The rich will survive. Africa and other emerging markets will be kept perpetually poor and starving. This is the goal of the elites and the NWO crowd. They believe that the population of the world should be reduced to a sustainable number. There are almost 7 billion people on the planet right now. What do they think that number should be?

There is a monument in Georgia (US), called appropriately The Georgia Guidestones. On it the elite have outlined their plan for the world. One statement is truly revealing.

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

What do they plan on doing with the other 6.5 billion of us? Well some are advocating releasing a biological weapon in highly populated areas. Others openly advocate for a nuclear war as the quickest way to reduce population.

“Wait!” you say, “Nobody would actually do that! That’s ridiculous!” No. What you mean is YOU would not do that. YOU would not think like that and for that reason you cannot conceive of anyone else thinking or acting that way. But you must realize that there are people in the world who are at this moment plotting your and your families destruction. All in the name of protecting humanity and the earth.

The environmental movement has been co-opted by groups whose sole agenda is the destruction of the western way of life. You think it would be fun to live the way they did 200 – 300 years ago? Having to lug water instead of turning on a tap? No way to know if the water is safe to drink? No electricity. Going to bed at sunset because there is nothing else to do in the dark? Lanterns you say? Yeah….so much better!

Wake up! Ask questions! Find out what the agenda is of the people advocating an end to petroleum products. Because they have an agenda…..and its not people friendly.