“Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes.”
This famous dictum is oft repeated but sometimes people need to be reminded that personal income taxes were not always with us. They were in fact a “temporary” measure introduced to pay for the 1st World War. Unfortunately, politicians became addicted to the funds and chose to continue the practice.
I think we all understand that we need to pay a certain amount of taxes. Living in Canada is not free. There are communal obligations that we all participate in like, education, snow and garbage removal, public transportation etc. But the problem arises as to how much is enough or more to the point, how much is too much.

Most people do not take time to think about the amount we actually pay in taxes. There is income tax – federal and provincial. There is consumer taxes – sales tax, gas tax. There are taxes on services. There are property taxes. It’s amazing that we have any money left to live on!

The politicians seem to be oblivious to the reality of the tax burden they have put us under as they continue to think of ways to raise taxes again and again.
If you think about it taxation is basically legalized theft. Extortion if you will. Let me explain:
The mob makes people pay “protection” money. They tell you they will protect you from the mobster down the street and in return you pay them a hefty “fee”. If you don’t pay there are certain unpleasant consequences that follow.
The government makes people pay taxes. They tell you that they will provide you with services and help often by making laws forbidding competition in these areas, or else there will be certain unpleasant consequences like fines and or jail.
The Liberal government made it harder to collect unemployment insurance while at the same time reducing the number of weeks you could collect and the maximum amount that could be collected. The next year there was a huge surplus. SURPRISE!!! They wanted to get their hands on the surplus but there was this pesky law that said all monies from UI had to be used for UI. How do we get the money?
No problem! They just changed the law to allow them to put the surplus into general revenues! How easy is that? The only problem is that if any private company did that they would be hauled up on fraud charges.
Then the municipal government figured they’d get in on the act. How can we get higher revenues without saying that we raised taxes? Hmmmm…. I know! Lets tie the property taxes to the MARKET VALUE of the houses ON the property instead of the property itself. That way when the economy is booming the taxes automatically go up and we pay taxes on imagined income or wealth that would only exist if we sold the house. On the other hand if the value goes down they can put off re-assessing your house for as long as they can. It’s a great racket!
Politicians need to learn to live within their means by which I mean our means for government has no money of its own. Revolutions have started over less but long before that people will just stop paying taxes whenever they can and everyone will suffer.