Global Warming

In case you have been in a coma for the last 10 years global warming is the topic du jour. Dr. David Suzuki is motoring across Canada in a huge diesel bus spouting pollution, green house gases and dire warnings of the impending environmental apocalypse. At the same time Al Gore is flying the friendly skies inconveniently laying down gargantuan environmental footprints while spreading the global warming doctrine.
What are they saying? Man made global warming is a fact. Worldwide destruction and mayhem will happen if we don’t take drastic action. We must adhere to the Kyoto accord to lower man made greenhouse gases.
While the earth may be warming we have to understand that the earth warms and cools in cycles. Right now we are in a warming cycle where the output from the sun is higher causing increased temperatures on earth. We also know that at some time in the past the northern hemisphere was sub-tropical. Much warmer than now.
As for destruction and apocalypse, there are about 6 major climate models dealing with this problem. Only one of them predicts catastrophic environmental disaster. As well, I find it amusing that we are being told what will happen 20, 30 or 40 years from now based on the same science that can’t predict what the weather will be like 5 days from now with any degree of accuracy.
As for Kyoto it is nothing more than a scheme to redistribute wealth from the first world to the third world. It is basically a worldwide tax based on supposed environmental violations. The problem is that nothing will change under this protocol. The worlds biggest polluters will merely pay to pollute while the developing world, (China, India etc.), will be allowed to pollute with no restrictions. If Canada eliminated their greenhouse gas emissions completely it would not change a thing. China is planning to construct over 500 coal fired power plants over the next 5 years but under Kyoto they would not be penalized at all. So much for caring about the environment.
An argument could be made that the environment is just a tool in the hands of those who have always wanted to forcibly redistribute the worlds wealth but needed a sufficient cause and a tool to implement their plan. Well their cause is global warming and their tool is fear.
The United States never signed the Kyoto accord and they have reduced their emissions significantly more than Canada and many other signatories. The solution is not to redistribute wealth from the very countries that have the money, brains and technological ingenuity to come up with solutions to the problems but to educate and encourage them to do so and make it available to poorer countries that need it.
Global warming could very well have dire consequences and we should be concerned about the condition we leave the planet in for our children. But lets not blindly follow self-proclaimed environmental messiahs out of fear.
We need sober thought and determined action.
Not agendas.